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Título Teacher Training Report - Host Institution: Ludgero Lima High School
Data 2013
In the last year of the four that the course of English studies consists of, it is required that students go to an internship. In this internship they are expected to practice the knowledge they acquired in the years before. This Teacher Training Report was written in fulfilment of the prerequisites of the University of Mindelo to finish a degree of the course of English Studies.
The teacher training consists of six months divided into two stages: Observation stage and Practice stage. In the observation stage, the trainees observe several lessons taught by their supervisors in order to get a close contact with the context of teaching in a classroom and to learn some teaching procedures. In the practice stage, they have the opportunity to teach some classes and put all the teaching theories into practice. Once the two stages are accomplished, students have to deliver a written report with all the information from the two phases.
Tipo Monografia Licenciatura - Relatório